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abu simble

 Two massive rock temples in abu-simble . It is located on the western bank of lake Nasser .It was one of six rock temples erected in nubia during the long regin of Ramses II .

The complex of temples dedicated to RamsesII .

 abu simble

The temple of abu-simble built between two cataracts of the nile between the first and the second cataract on west bank of nilr river.
It contains of two temples that were built by pharaoh ramses II ,carved into mountainside.
The Two temples were cut into pieces and reconstructed again. 
There are two temples the big one for (ramses II) while the small one for(nefertari).
The first one :The temple of ramses II 
It is built by king ramses II ,he was as adeified king.
It is dedicated to the god “Re-Hor-Akhty” ,”Amon” and “Ptah” .
The façade of the temple has four seated clossi of the king.Each one represents the king seated on his throne wearing the double crown and also has three small figures shown as his wives, daughters and son flanking his legs .
Near to the summit of the façade , there are number of baboons .
There is a hall inside temple has supported by osirid  shaped pillars which has decorated by an offerings scenes. 
Also had side rooms leading to the sancatuary decorated with different scenes.
The smaller temple of Nefertari
This temple of queen nefertari was built also by ramses II .
It is dedicated to the goddess hathor and his wife queen nefertari . she was most beloved , wife of Ramses II.
It’s façade contains of six standing colossi, four of them represents Ramses II and other two represents queen nefertari.
Inside the temple, there is an entrance leads to a square hall supported by 6 hathor-headed pillars decorated with scenes.
There are scenes showing that king Ramses II making offering to Re-Horakhty  . 
At the ends of hall there is a doorway leading to a vestibule.  

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