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deir el bahari

 It is a complex of a mortuary temples and tombs .it is located on west bank of nile opposite to a city of luxor 



The word of deir-el -bahari is meaning in arabic  "the northern monastrey"
The most famous temples of western  thebes and the egyptian held that this valley called "sacred" to goddess hathor.
Nowdays,this temple destroyed noless than three temples were built which is belonging to the pharaoh "nebheptre mentuhotep
"who ruled in the 11th dynasty and hatshepsut "maat-ka-re"ruled 18th dynasty and thutmosis III "men-kheper-re
Temple of thutmosis III
Thutmosis III built a temple complex was used during the beautiful festival of the valley.he was a successor to hatshepsut.
The complex perched on rising rock of the cliffs.
The mortuary temple of hatshepsut is the colonnade structure and is a complex of djeser-djesru meaning "the holy of the hollies" which designed by senemut.
Djeser-djesru is a colonnade terraces,reached by along ramps and is considered in incomparable monuments of ancient egypt.
Nepheptre-mentuhotep was the first ruler of 11th dynasty in middle kingdom.
The temple is called akh sut nebheptre "splendid are the places of neheptre".
The temple built on great bay of deir -el -bahari .the temple is smaller and the front part of temple made of limestone while the rear of the temple was made of sandstone and was cult center for the king.
The sides of ramp leading to upper terrace .the inner part of the temple consists of a columned courtyard.
the hypostyle hall contained the sanctuary of the royal cult.

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