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the valley of the queens

 In ancient times, the valley of the queens was called( ta-set-nefru)  which means “the place of beauty”or “the place of the royal children and wives” or “place of perfection” and also in Arabic called (wadi-al-malekat) .


 The valley of the queens

In new kingdom, this place was used as a burial site .
 In the cliffs there is a small cliffs water poured in it so this reason make the Egyptologists believed this valley to be selected the royal burials and the word of burial  refer to the symbol of the rebirth in the afterlife.
There is a tombs located in this valley ,some of them have a corridor along a straight or l-shaped axis  with small side chambers. but  in late period  of new kingdom in the tombs of the valley of the kings have occasional side chamber.
There is a tombs never finished in the valley of queens due to poor quality.

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