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the clossi of memnon

 there are two huge gigantic statues called “clossi of memnon”.it is located in the Theban necropolis,across the river from the city of luxor.


The two statues stands  in a fixed position and it’s position is to guard the entrance of amenhotep memorial temple.
Memnon was a hero of the Trojan war, a king of Ethiopia who had to help defend the beleaguered city .
The name of clossi associating with part of Greeks  and it is  referred generaaly to the entire Theban necropolis as the “memnonium” .
In the clossi of memnon, there is a legend “the vocal memnon” shows the reputation of the statue’s oracular power’s.
The two statues are made from blocks of quartize sandstone which was quarried from gebel-el-silsila  . both of two statues were damaged , but the eastern northern figure has a large extentive crack in the lower half . 
Due to the reconstruction of the roman empire attempt shows the upper levels of statues have different types of sandstone.

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