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luxor temple

 Luxor temple is an ancient Egyptian complex has an important political and religious center . it is located on the east bank of the nile . today it isknown as luxor (ancient thebes).

It is known in the ancient Egyptian language as (ipet-resyt) or “the southern sanctuary”
Luxor temple
 Historical background:
The temple of luxor located near to the banks of the nile that was dedicated to the god amon ( who was associated with mut and 
khonsu ,in theban triad
 The city
 The name of luxor comes from the Arabic wprd (al-qusur)which means (the places)
 .it is located in (the southern)in upper Egypt  and it’s capital is luxor governorate. 
 It was the ancient city of thebes, which is the great  capital of Egypt during the  new kingdom . 
In the ancient Egyptian texts the city was  regarded as w3st (means waste) and means (city of sceptre) and also t3 (means ipet) and means (the shrine) then the Greeks called it thebai known as (the city of 100 gates) 
 The city has its importance as the major political,religious and military capital  of ancient Egypt. Also the center  of wisdom art and supremacy. 
 However, the city was the city of god amon  who was the main god  was amon who was worshipped it with his wife goddess mut and their son khonsu(the god of moon)whom creating “the kings of gods”of amon Ra.

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