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The Valley of the kings

 The valley of the kings were constructed for the pharaoh  and powerful  nobels of the new kingdom and is called (valley of the gates) in Arabic it is called (wadi -biban -al-muluk)or (Wadi-al-muluk) and also called the tombs of the king. 

The valley of the kings was for an early period of time of 500 years. 
It is located for the west bank of the nile opposite to thebes(luxor)  on the hills behind al-dayr al-bahari also it is known for aburial sites for the kings.
It consists of two valleys east and west valley have many royal tombs are situated and on the west valley, that only contains tombs of AY, Tombs of Amenhotep III.
Most of tombs have fallen victims except the Tomb of Tutankhamun  is intact that discovered by howard carter in 1922.
In order to protect the royal mummies from destruction and salvage the priests collected the mummies at the end of the 20th and 21th dynasties and putted it in the “caches” which haven not discovered yet. 
In  the  valley  of  the  kings,  the  walls  of  the  tombs  have  painted  with  the  scenes  of  daily life  and the  chambers  filled  with  treasures  and   they  had  in  their  tombs  the  food,  boats   and  jewels   the  things   which  the  person  had  in  the  afterlife  into  eternity.
The  valley  of  the  kings  had  cut  into  rocks  the  limestone  in  a  remote  wadi.,  on  the  west  side  of  the Nile. 
The  valley  of  the  kings  had  more  tombs  some  of  them  have  been  excavated  like  the  tomb  of tutankhamun  which  discovered  by  howard  carter  while  the other had not.
In The valley of the kings, the royals and courtiers had  found  in  their tombs refuge from the robbers that destruction who did it in their predecessors.

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