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Al-Manial Palace

You will enjoy seeing the Islamic arcitecture in Al-Manial Palace.



Al-Manial Palace, on Rhoda Island, is one of the eccentric, lesser known, but must-see attractions in the Egyptian capital. The palace was built between 1899 and 1926 by Prince Mohammed Ali, the uncle of King Farouk. The nearly 30-year long project resulted in an imposing palace combining a number of different architectural styles including Ottoman, Andalusian, Persian, and European rococo. It is located on the eastern branch of the island of Manial El Roda.

Nowadays, the palace is divided into numerous sections, the outer walls surrounding the palace, the entrance to the palace, the reception, surrounding the outer wall, the entrance to the palace, the clock tower, the mosque, the Hunt Museum, the residence, the throne, private museum, Golden Hall, the unique garden surrounding the palace. These house valuable collectibles that were amassed by Prince Mohammed and King Farouk during their lives, and include medieval manuscripts, clothes, jewels, carpets, textile, furniture and brass work. There’s also a hunting museum where King Farouk’s hunting trophies and equipment are displayed. A nice addition to the palace is a rare plant garden, where the prince planted tropical and exotic plants and flowers brought back from his frequent voyages.

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