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Pride of Marsa Matruh (Ageba Beach)

If you are interested in shaping of cliffs and clear, cool and pure blue  water, Agiba beach will be your destination.

Agiba Beach is one of the biggest beaches in Marsa Matruh and is also called Love beach, Elgaram Beach. It is located 17km after Marsa Matruh. It is in the Mediterranean Sea coast.




Agiba means "miracle" and that's exactly what you will see in this beach because of its unique location and unique nature.  Agiba beach is not very long. It is around 40 meters long only. To reach the beach you have to down stair from a high and huge cliff that also adds an adventure to your visit.




Any vacationer prefers this beach as it become famous after the movie by Laila Morad has the same name "Elgaram Beach". The foreigner sites called this beach the Pride of Marsa Matruh. It is a small but spectacular cove, accessible only via a path leading down from the cliff top.



What distinguish Agiba beach is overlooking on a high plateau from the sea. That's why the view from this cliff is gorgeous in addition to the view of the turquoise water. Nearby this beach, there is Romanian tombs. It also has amazing formations of rock.



Swimmers can spend a good time in the cool and calm water of the Mediterranean Sea, but they have to swim near the beach only because of cliffs and small cliffs shapes that are spread under agiba beach water. You can find Egyptian youth and residents of Masra Matrouh jumping on the cliffs to water as they used and practiced to do but it is not recommended to try climbing on one of the high cliffs because of the stones and corals near to the beach.



The scene from the top of cliff in Agiba beach is really astonishing. You can see the vast Mediterranean Sea in front of you. You will also see the amazing natural shapes of cliffs that distinguish Agiba beach in front of you. The view in front of you is a mix of amazing natural cliffs which is mixed with a unique blue color of the sea and the sky. When you look down you will sea Egyptian youth jumping on the cliffs to the water many people climb on the cliffs to see the sun set. Watching sun set at Agiba beach is one of the most beautiful ones as it is really charming view.



However, the day is quite short at Agiba beach, as cliffs on both sides stop the sun rays quite earlier in the day. So, it seems quite dark at the beach, when it is actually not. You can enjoy some drinks and refreshments in the small café, situated on the beach. The beach is really crowded in summers, while rest of the year it is nearly deserted.



You will enjoy your time there for sure.

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