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Farfra Oasis

Have you ever see a WHITE Desert before or a palace consisting of remains of brick houses? In Farfra Oasis, you will find your destination and  you will enjoy your time with your family of friends.


Farfra Oasis is a small oasis dating back to the Pharaonic era as it was called “Ta Hoteb” which means the Land of the cow as it was full of cows and pastures. It is located 320 KM far from the northwest of Dakhla Oasis, 360 Km far from Marsa Matroh, 170 KM far from Bahreya Oasis and 627 Km far from Cairo.


In Roman era, Farfra, Dakhla and Kharga Oases were called Grain Land or Land of Yields. In the First Christian era, Farfra Oasis was a shelter for the Egyptian christian people who run from the persecution of the Romanian. They lived in regions such as the priest Abou Sa’id, Aboshay Well, Hanas Valley which are Christian names.


Here are some places to visit:


1-The White Desert:



It is a chalky land located to the north of the Oasis. It is named as white desert. There are many natural forms which tourists fascinated with.


The wind has formed a lot of rocky pattern in shapes of mushroom and another on the white stone pillars, chalky walls and conical. It becomes a touristic area as tourists enjoy standing for long days enjoying its picturesque atmosphere, quiet and its amazing scenic.



From far away, it looks like a residential city and when you come closer, you might see it as Snow Mountains because of its pure whiteness. If you stand in front of its rocks, you will see them as statues made by professional artist.


2-Rock Museum:




After 80 km, there are the beautiful white crystals calcite in a very unique site. This makes Farfra Oasis has a fascinated position among the touristic places. That’s why many wells have been drilled and many lands have been cultivated.


3-Farfra Palace: is built with brick. It is a small maze consisting of remains of old brick houses and the ruins of an ancient Roman castle.




When you have a tour in this palace you will see the traditional buildings such as “Ma’saret El-Zayton”, “Elmatahana”, “The oven”, “The School” and “The stables”.


There is also Abo Monqar Palace which dates back to Roman times.

4-Farfra Well:



It is located 6 km far from the west of Farfra Oasis. It is deep and self-flow well and its temperature is 24 C.


There is a touristic village has been built near this well. The village has a restaurant, cafeteria, pool and green spaces. That’s why it becomes a good touristic place.

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