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Siwa Oasis

 What to take in your way to Siwa Oasis? What to do there? How to have fun with your family and friends in Siwa and the desert ?



Siwa Oasis is located in the western desert of Egypt, lies in a depression in the middle of the desert, approximately 18m below sea level. Siwa Oasis is 305km southwest of Mersa Matrouh Governorate and 420km west of Baharia, surrounded on all sides by diverse landscapes. To the north of Siwa is a range of stone outcrops and hills and to the south is the great sand sea of high rolling dunes. To the east is rocky desert stretching all the way to the Qattara depression, near El-Alamein and to the west is the border with Libya.


 Although Siwa Oasis is one of the most ancient places it becomes one of the most important touristic places in Egypt in the last 2o years. 

Many stories and myths were told about this place, some of them are true and others are not, as some people said.

Siwa Oasis’ strategic and unique location in Western Desert of Egypt in addition to the customs and traditions of citizens make it more attractive and different than any other touristic place.


Here are some Tips when you are in Siwa:



You must have a permit for traveling from Siwa oasis t o Bahariya Oasis or to the surrounding desert. There are local guides who can handle the permit issue but they will need your passport. These permits are valid for one day only and trips for more than one day are not allowed.


2-Sand baths:

Siwa is famous for treating several diseases such as rheumatism & arthritis through a kind of natural treatment by burying your body in the sand. It is scary to bury your whole body in the hot desert sands, isn’t it?


3-Water therapeutic:


Siwa is known by Fountain of Chegar hot well. The temperature of the mineral and sulfur water in this well reaches about 67 ° C.  Studies have shown that this water helps significantly treat skin diseases such as psoriasis, large digestive disorders and rheumatic diseases.  


4- Mountain of the Dead (Gabal Almawta) :

Mountain of the dead is located in the north of Siwa. It’s a small hill that has rock tombs with beautiful colors that dating back to the twenty-sixth dynasty. Among the most famous tombs in the region, there are C Amon's Tomb, the Crocodile and Ni Beer Baguca tomb. 

5- Dakrur Mountain:

 Dakrur Mount is located within 3 km south-east of Siwa oasisThe climatic therapeutic characteristics make this mountain famous for its therapeutic characteristics especially for rheumatism patients.



6-The best times throughout the year to visit the Siwa oasis is spring or autumn because of its frigid winters scorching summers.






7-If you are in Siwa during October don’t miss attending the Dates' Harvest Festival.


8-And the historical tourism is represented in the coronation of Alexander the Great Temple, the sole temple, the ruins of the old city of Shali and the Temple of Amun. 


9-Safaris in Siwa.

What to Bring on Desert Trips


2.Magnifying glass for examining fossils

3.Swimsuit and towel for swimming in the hot and cold springs

4.Warm sweater and sleeping bag for staying overnight

5.Constellation map for stargazing 

6.water and dehydration tablets or olives


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