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Visa & Travel Info

Visa & Travel Info

Going through any border around the world requires certain formalities such as visas, or specific procedures . please contact your Embassies to find out what you need to get into Egypt and begin your adventure.
Arrival Procedure

Getting a tourist visa to Egypt is actually very simple for the majority of nationalities, the non-restricted nationalities e.g.all Europeans, North Americans and Australians, most South Americans, and the majority of those from Asian countriesas you can buy it at the Cairo airport upon arrival.
For some Asian nationalities like south Asians e.g. Thailand, Philippine, Malaysia, and India they should much better obtain visa from the Egyptian consulate in their own countries beforehand

Cost: $15 / the equivalent in (Euros) or (Pounds Sterling).
Duration : Egyptian tourist visa is valid for 3 months.
Multiple Entry Visa to Egypt: It must be obtained in your home country prior to arrival

* Once in the arrival hall, purchase your US$15 per passport entry visa (for non-restricted nationalities only, please check with your travel agent beforehand) and stick it on the first empty page in your passport

* At the visa counter you can also exchange money to Egyptian Pounds at a very favorable rate.

* Now, fill your arrival card. You should have received this from a flight attendant prior to landing. (Available also at the arrival hall) You must ensure that you complete all fields on the arrival card IN CAPITAL LETTERS

* Go to the Passport Control area for clearance.

* Retrieve your luggage at the baggage claim area.

* Proceed to the Exit door. Be prepared to show your passport and visa at the exit.

* As you exit you can contact your tour manger .

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