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Gebel Dakrour

Healing Hot Sand

Around 3 km south east of Siwa stands Gebel Dakrour, the Dakrour Mountain, which has been renowned for the healing qualities of its hot sands since ancient times, as well as for being a major source of the red pigment used in Siwan pottery. People come from all around Egypt and the world during the summer months to be interred in sand baths which have properties of healing rheumatism. The sand bath lasts approximately 20 minutes and you are buried up to your neck in the hot desert sand; the process is usually repeated for any aching part of the body for 3 to 5 days. The therapy is stunning; it has almost a magical effect, rheumatic and arthritic pains will be greatly dissipated. After the heat of the sand you will need a few hours to recover, it is recommended that you sit in a shady place and drink tea. Many of those who experience the healing properties of Gebel Dakrour’s sand baths return time and time again to heal their pains.

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