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Fishing in the Lake Qarun

And the nearby Wadi El-Rayan

Lake Qarun abounds with fish, especially Bulti, which is said to be better than the bulti caught from the Nile itself. Large quantities of Bulti caught here are sent to Cairo. Mullet, eel, sole and shrimp are also available as the lake becomes saltier. The new Wadi Rayyan lakes are also now open for fishing Nile carp and Nile perch.
At 215 square km, Lake Qarun, Egypts largest salt water lake, is open to fishing from Mid-June to Mid April.
The Lake used to be known as Berket Al-Said (the Fishing Lake). One night in 1245, a cold wind blew, freezing the lake and all the fish in it. A canal overseer walking along the shore the next morning reported seeing thousands and thousands of fish, layered according to species and stacked up like bricks of a house.
Discovery of prehistoric fishing tackle last year at the Fayyoum Oasis confirms the area’s status as hunting and fishing paradise as far back as 7200BC. Its popularity as an elite hunting retreat continued from the Pharaohs who built vacation palaces here through to the late King Farouk, whose hunting lodge there has been converted to a hotel at Lake Qarun.

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