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Day Cruise to Dendera

North from Luxor

Visit the Temple of Dendera by boat, and enjoy both the sights of the lush Nile Valley and the ancient temple. Take a motor boat such as the Lotus Boat or a felucca from Luxor, North to the site of the temple. The trip is approximately 60 km; timing differs depending on whether you take a motorized boat or a felucca and on sailing conditions. It is a lovely way to see the Nile up close and to visit one of Egypt’s best preserved temples.

You can spend your time on the boat by bird watching, sun bathing, taking in the Nile’s greenery or enjoying a good book. The gorgeous natural scenery of the Nile Valley will stream past you as you make the trip to the Graeco-Roman temple, where you will see beautiful reliefs and architecture. Day cruises to Dendera usually leave in the early morning; they include the temple entrance fees in the package and give you the option of lunch. The trip takes most of the day, and the way back to Luxor from Dendera takes longer as you will be travelling against the flow of the river

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