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Big Gubal Island

The northernmost site in Big Gubal is the Bluff Point

The Big Gubal Island dive sites are usually visited by live-aboards departing from Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh.
The northernmost site in Big Gubal is the Bluff Point, a name it owes to the unpredictable winds and currents that affect this region.
The main attraction of this site is the amazing wreck of the Ulysses, a British cargo that sank in the Red Sea back in 1887. The freighter was transporting cables, and the remainder of its shipment can still be seen on deck.
The Big Gubal sites are usually dived on a drift mode, from north to south, along Gubal’s eastern wall. You’re most likely to see scorpion fish, napoleon fish, glassfish, and turtles. Some divers have even had the chance to encounter bottle-nosed dolphins.
Traditionally, live-aboards stop for the night at the southwest side of the island. From there, divers are taken on a night dive to the wreck of a barge. The barge isn’t an attraction in itself, as it has broken into pieces over the past few years, but the corals underneath are amazing, and you will get the chance to see amazing marine life down there. Bring a dive torch along to see octopuses changing colours. Lionfish and giant morays are also regular visitors of the site.

Depth: 10-30 m

Visibility: 10-30

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