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Taba's exceptional geographical location between Africa and Asia at the tip of the Gulf of Aqaba

Destination Taba :

Taba's exceptional geographical location between Africa and Asia at the tip of the Gulf of Aqaba facing Saudi Arabia made it a stopover on the caravan route from the 14th century onwards. Today, Taba is a flourishing touristic destination for guests from around the world in search for pristine beaches and exceptional coral reefs to explore.

This is no surprise with its warm winter sun and temperatures reaching 22°C; in summer the dry climate makes the heat pleasant and the average is 33°C.

But there's more to Taba than the common sea and sun resort/diving vacation, the nearby Sinai landmarks are must-sees, and they're all only a couple of hours away. Be sure that the impressive coloured canyon, the inspiring St. Catherine's Monastery and the massive Saladin fortress are all worth an escape from your resort activities.

Taba Heights Resort

The Upscale Holiday Lifestyle

Located on a beautiful stretch of the Sinai coastline around 20 km south of Taba city and nestled between the Red Sea and Sinai desert and mountains, Taba Heights is a year round charming seaside resort.

With temperature maxima not dropping below 24 C in December, the coldest month of the year, Taba Heights is a perfect all-year-round sun & sea holiday destination. Beware though that in summer, temperatures can reach spectacular highs of 35 C. Nevertheless, diving, air-conditioned comfort in your resort’s facilities and evening swims are all worth staying at Taba Heights in summer.

Boasting several four and five-star hotels such as The Hyatt Regency, Mariott, Sofitel and Intercontinental Hotel, the Taba Heights Golf Resort, and a scenic village full of cafes, restaurants and boutiques, Taba Heights is also a major diving destination.

You can go free diving, scuba diving and even learn to dive by enrolling in a PADI course on offer in several hotels. You’ll find plenty of first class swimming pools, spas, and many other state of the art facilities. The location of Taba Heights makes it an ideal starting point to explore the Sinai. From Taba Heights, you can visit St. Catherine's Monastery, the Coloured Canyon, the Blue Desert and many other attractions.

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