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Siwa Oasis

Siwa Oasis

Siwa is the closest Egyptian oasis to neighboring Libya. During Roman times, it was used as a place for banishment. Siwa is famous around Egypt for its delicious dates and its good quality olives and olive oil.

Here are some tips you can make use of while in Siwa:

- Permits: you must hold a permit to travel from Siwa to Bahariyya or into the desert surrounding Siwa, some local guides may be able to arrange for these permits and your passports are needed. Permits are valid for only one day, so overnight trips aren’t always permitted.

- Food: With the exception of hotel- and camp-based restaurants in Siwa, most restaurants and cafes in town cater to visitors by offering a unified selection of traditional staples, including kebabs, salads, and meat and chicken based dishes. Most of them are based in Shali or nearby.

- Siwan Traditions: Siwan people are very proud of their traditions and as a result are very sensitive about them. Do not show “public displays of affection”, and dress modestly.

- Sand Baths: Why not take a sand bath and be buried up to your neck in the hot desert sand? Sounds scary? Well it’s actually very curative and is known to give relief from arthritis and rheumatism.

- The best time of the year to visit Siwa is either in spring or fall as it is very cold in winter and  hot in summer.

- If you happen to be in Siwa during October, don’t miss the traditional date harvesting festival that lasts for 3 days.

- In Siwa, you can use your own phone number by activating the roaming service. Alternatively, you can purchase a local mobile line from any of the Egyptian telecom operators.

- Bank branches and ATM machines can be found in Siwa.

- Therapeutic Waters: In Siwa you’ll find the Bir Kighar hot spring. The temperature of the mineral and highly sulphuric waters of this spring is situated around 67 C. Studies have shown that it helps greatly in healing skin diseases such as psoriasis, digestive disorders and rheumatic ailments.

- Mountain of the Dead: located at the northern end of Siwa Town, Gabal el-Mawta is a small hill dotted with beautifully painted rock tombs dating back to the 26th Dynasty. The most famous tombs at this site are the tomb of Si Amun, the Crocodile tomb, and the tomb of Ni Ber Baghouti.

- Gebel Dakrour: located 3 km southeast from Siwa, the Dakrour Mountain is known for its climatic therapeutic properties, especially in regard to patients suffering from rheumatism.
Facts About: Siwa Oasis
Siwa Area : 1050 sq km Population : 23000 Area Code : 46 Oldest footprint : >3 million years
Distance to Cairo : 627 km Distance to Marsa Matrouh : 360 km    

Getting There

  • By Bus

    Bus trips from El Torgoman station in Cairo to Siwa oasis are organized by the West Delta Bus Company.

    For more information contact:
    West Delta: +20 2 5582 2576 or +20 2 1318 2414
    El Torgoman station: +20 2 2576 558

    The Arab Union bus company also organizes trips to Siwa oasis from Cairo and Alexandria.

    For more information contact:
    +20 2 2579 8181 (Cairo) or +20 3 4219 092 (Alexandria)

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