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Sahl Hasheesh

Sahl Hasheesh

Located on the paradisiacal Red Sea coast, only 18 km south from Hurghada, the resort community of Sahl Hasheesh is a recent real-estate development completely dedicated to luxury, relaxation, and family-fun.
Escape the crowds to the most upscale Red Sea holiday destination in Egypt. Keep in mind the following tips and hints to make the best out of your vacation in Sahl Hasheesh.

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- Resort Day Passes: check at hotel reception desks for the availability of such passes which will provide you access to the hotel “all inclusive” guest facilities which would include meals, drinks, gym, spa, activity and entertainment without the cost of accommodation. These may be purchased on a meal to meal basis, daily or for a number of days.

- Shopping: the newly opened Senzo Mall shopping centre, located only 10 minutes away from Sahl Hasheesh, in Hurghada City, offers you the most complete shopping experience in the area. The mall sells food, electronic appliances and gadgets, bedding and linen items, as well as hardware, house ware and clothing.

- Spa & Wellness: Sahl Hasheesh is one of the best upscale Spa & Wellness destinations on the Red Sea Riviera. The resort’s hotels house gymnasiums, saunas, spas, beauty treatments, and wellness classes.

- Food: The upscale resort of Sahl Hasheesh is dedicated to providing the best culinary experience on the Red Sea through various gourmet restaurants hosted in the development’s most luxurious resorts and hotels. An infinite choice of cuisines and styles are on offer: Japanese, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Italian, Lebanese, and International, it’s all there.


- Internet: most of the accommodations in Sahl Hasheesh offer internet access to their guests, through direct room connection, or through internet rooms and business centres located within the premises of the hotel or resort.

- Keep in Touch: you can activate the roaming service on your personal mobile line, or alternatively purchase an Egyptian line from any of the three main telecom operators in Egypt.

- Weather: Sahl Hasheesh enjoys a year-round sunny weather, just like most of the Red Sea destinations in Egypt. In the colder months of the year, temperatures can reach 25 C, whereas in summer, they range between 28 and 35 C.
Facts About: Sahl Hasheesh
Total Area : 41 sq. km Area Code : 65 From Hurghada : 18 km Hotels to Come : 18

Getting There

  • By Air

    Sahl Hasheesh is located only 18 kilometres south from Hurghada International Airport, which is only at a 4-hour flight distance from Europe. After landing in Hurghada, you can catch a taxi or a private shuttle bus to your resort or hotel in Sahl Hasheesh. Airport pick-up service is offered by all Sahl Hasheesh hotels and resorts. The ride from the airport to your hotel shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes.
    If direct charter flights to Hurghada aren’t available at the time you’re travelling, you can land in Cairo International Airport and catch one of the 4 daily flights operated by Egyptair from Cairo to Hurghada International Airport.

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