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Located 180 km north of Sharm el-Sheikh (2,5 hours driving distance) which it is similar to from a landscaping perspective: Nuweiba is divided into 3 main areas. From south to north, you have the port area where you’ll find a bus station, banks and a pharmacy. Nuweiba City comes next with its upscale accommodation options on the coast, a small bazaar and many cheap eateries. In the North, you’ll find Tarabeen, the most laid-back destination in town, with its lively oriental atmosphere and beach restaurants. Nuweiba is an ideal holiday spot for both families and solo travelers. It is also a wonderful departure point for in-land exploration daytrips through the Sinai desert.

Here are some tips you can make use of while in Nuweiba:

Don't miss

- Cultural Visit: spare a few hours on your sun & sea holiday in Nuweiba to visit the nearby fortress built by the Mamluk Sultan, Ashraf al-Ghouri, in the 16th century. It is only one kilometer away from Tarabeen.
Al-Ghouri built the citadel to protect the Sinai region from Turkish invasion and the travelers and pilgrims traveling through this port city. Although the fortress didn't achieve its first mission - the Turkish invasion took place a while after the fortress was built - its construction helped the local bedouins who used to quench their thirst at the fortress' well.

- Nightlife: let’s be frank about it, Nuweiba is neither Sharm el-Sheikh nor Hurghada when it comes to “night fever”, but it has its own quite enjoyable charm. Head to one of Tarabeen’s beach restaurants at night and sample a traditional meal in the laid back atmosphere, with the sound of the waves crashing on the shore and some oriental music played in the background.


- Backpacking: Nuweiba is a backpacker haven. If you’re into that kind of travel, Tarabeen is the place to be. Over the past few years, basic accommodations have sprouted like mushrooms in the area.

- Food: Taameya and Ful lovers will get their fix in the port area where snacks abound. For more interesting dining options in Nuweiba, you’ll have to head to Nuweiba City where you’ll find a few good restaurants additionally to the ones located in the hotels and resorts. They mostly serve local and Middle Eastern specialities. Backpackers crashing in Tarabeen are used to cooking their meals at the camps where self-catering facilities are provided.

- Daytrips: Thanks to its very convenient location in east Sinai, you can easily arrange a trip from Nuweiba to nearby Dahab (87 km), Taba (70 km), Sharm El-Sheikh (180 km), and Saint Catherine (86 km).

Getting There

  • By Bus

    From Cairo, you can get to Nuweiba by bus. The trip is long though, about 7 to 8 hours.
    The East Delta Bus Company operates several bus trips from Cairo to Nuweiba and back to Cairo on a daily basis.
    You can also combine a Super Jet bus trip to Sharm el-Sheikh from Cairo (a 5 hours trip, operated 4 times daily), and then catch the East Delta bus from Sharm el Sheikh to Nuweiba (2 hours, 3 times a day).
    The East Delta Company buses depart from Al-Torgoman Bus Station (+20 2 2576 2293), Abbasiya Bus Station (+20 2 2342 4753) and Al-Mazhar Bus Station (+20 2 2419 8533) in Cairo.
    The Superjet bus company can be contacted through the following station numbers: Heliopolis, (+20 2 2266 0214 / 2266 0212 / 2266 2025; Giza Sq. (+20 2 3572 5032), Al-Torgoman Station (+20 2 2579 818), Almaza Sq. (+20 2 2290 9017 / 2290 9013.)
  • By Ferry

    An excellent fast-ferry service is available between Aqaba in Jordan and Nuweiba’s port. The trips are carried out on a daily basis, at 11 am. The trip duration varies between one and two hours, depending on sea conditions.


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