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North Coast

North Coast

Geographically, the Egyptian North Coast extends from the easternmost point of the Mediterranean coast in Sinai to Sallum, the westernmost point of the coast on the Libyan border.

On the touristic map of Egypt, the “North Coast” mostly refers to the new sea & sun holiday destinations such as Sidi Abdul-Rahman (132 km west of Alexandria) and the Marina (about 100 km west of Alexandria), state-of-the-art resort towns catering to vacationers elite. Here you’ll experience luxury at its best, the resort towns are home to amazing apartments, villas and leisure facilities including golf courses, modern Spas, water activities centres and amazing entertainment options. Moreover, Egypt’s hippest nightclubs are located on that strip of coastal bliss.

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- The Archaeological Discovery: The Marina Town in El-Alamein houses a Hellenistic-Roman town that was discovered in 1986 when the marina’s construction started.

- The Boat: Enjoy a nice sea cruise by renting a yacht from Porto Marina in Marina El-Alamein. For a softer cruise version hop on one of the gondolas that sail through the canals of the Venice-inspired Porto Marina resort.

- The Movies: Enjoy watching a movie at Porto Marina's Good News Cinema. You can even get there by boat, a great way to start a romantic movie night out.

- The Food: All the world-acclaimed food chains, famous local brands, and respectable newcomers have invaded the Egyptian North Coast. There is no possible way you won’t find what you’re craving for. The resort towns of Marina and Sidi Abdul-Rahman house upscale Italian, French, American, Chinese, Japanese and local restaurants, as well as a wide selection of cafes and fast-food eateries.

Getting There

  • By Air

    The Egyptian national airline Egyptair operates regular Cairo-Marsa Matrouh and Cairo-El-Alamein flights. Charters from Europe are also flying in regularly to El-Alamein during summer. Transportation from El-Alamein and Marsa Matrouh to all the resort towns along the North Coast is available, through taxis and hotel pick-up services.
  • By Sea

    Since the opening of the yacht marina at Porto Marina in El-Alamein, it makes sense to come to the North Coast by sea. The port offers berthing space for all types of yachts. For more information, contact the marina office at , or +20 46 4452 711.
  • By Land

    Taxis run through the Egyptian North Coast destinations, you can easily book a taxi from Alexandria to any of the other Mediterranean towns and coastal resorts.

    There are also buses operating between Alexandria and Marsa Matrouh. They can drop you off at any destination on the way, including Sidi Abdul-Rahman and El-Alamein.

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