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Marsa Matrouh

Marsa Matrouh

The capital of the Matrouh Governorate, Marsa Matrouh is renowned for its breath-taking beaches that are a result of the shore being naturally sheltered by rocks. The most famous beaches being: Cleopatra's Beach, Gharam Beach, Rommel's Beach, the White Beach, Bajoush Beach, and Alam al-Roum. Enjoy walking along these beautiful sandy beaches barefoot.
During summer the town becomes a prime beach location for tourists and Egyptians alike.
Here are some tips you can make use of while in Marsa Matrouh:

- Mediterranean Flavour: While in Marsa Matrouh be sure to sample the local specialties which have a different flavour than the cuisine found inland: fresh fish and seafood are cooked here like nowhere else in the country. Other options include the traditional Egyptian quick eats such as kebab and kofta sandwiches (minced meat scewers), taameya and ful. Matrouh’s most recommended restaurants are located on Alexandria Street (Sharia Iskandariya) and the sea front (Al-Corniche).

- Bathing in the Blue: Marsa Matrouh is famous for the azure of its coast and the beauty of its beaches; women however are expected by the locals to dress “modestly” on public beaches. But there’s no need to overdo it: wearing a loose t-shirt over your swim suit is enough ladies!

- Desert access: Marsa Matrouh is not far from the Siwa Oasis, so if you’re planning a trip into the desert Marsa Matrouh can serve as a convenient starting point.

- Culture Vultures: 24 km away from Marsa Matrouh, you can explore the ruins of Ramses II Temple, which dates back to the 26th dynasty (1200 BC). The site is known as Om El-Rajm or Omm El Rakhm, it was discovered by the archaeologist Labib Habash back in 1942, and houses some admirable hieroglyphic inscriptions referring to the Ancient Egyptian pharaoh.

- Remember to wear light clothes, sun glasses and sun screen for protection against the sun.
Facts About: Marsa Matrouh
Population : 68500 Area Code : 46 Distance to Siwa : 300 km Distance to Alex : 290 km

Getting There

  • By Train

    Trains and Sleeping trains operate between Cairo and Marsa Matrouh .
  • By Car & Bus

    Road trips to Marsa Matrouh would enable you to enjoy passing by many beautiful villages along the north coast.
    Getting to Marsa Matrouh from Cairo takes around 5 hours by car as this distance is 470 Km. However, most people head to Marsa Matrouh from Alexandria  as the distance is closer, 290 km and takes only 2 hours.

    Bus companies such as West Delta; provide air-conditioned buses, with some refreshments, toilets and an in-ride movie on the 5 hour road trip from Cairo to Marsa Matrouh. Those buses operate for 24 hours and are by far the best transportation mean for day trips. They are very affordable, but you have to think of making your reservations at least one day in advance.

    For more details, contact:
    West Delta: +20 2 5582 2576 and +20 2 1318 2414
    or visit West and Middle delta Bus company Website

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