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The Nile travels through Luxor separating it into East Luxor and West Luxor, in the former you can find the town of Luxor, hotels, the airport and two important temples, the Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple; in the latter you will find an array of things to see, such as the Valley of the Kings, the Valley of the Queens, the Ptolemaic Temple at Deir el-Medina and the Workers’ Village, the Colossi of Memnon, Deir al-Bahri, and many others.
A little over a decade ago a bridge was built connecting East and West, but the traditional way to cross is by ferry.

Here are some tips you can make use of while in Luxor:

Don't miss:
- Rent a Bicycle: When the weather’s cool enough, the best way to get around Luxor is by bike. The city is flat and all the sights are within a short ride from the centre.

- Nile Cruise: Remember that the best time of the year to go on a Nile cruise is during fall. The weather gets colder during fall in Luxor so its advisable to be prepared with some warmer clothing.

- Shop for Souvenirs: Remember to pick up some of the souvenirs from the different bazaars all over the city. - Nearby: About 200 km north from Luxor, on Sohag’s east bank, you’ll find the town on Akhmim, called “Ipu” in Ancient times. The town was dedicated to the fertility god Min. In 1982, excavations uncovered the remnants of a temple that was dedicated to Ramses II and an 11 metre high statue of his daughter Meret Amun. The tallest statue of an ancient queen discovered in Egypt.

- Hot air balloon rides are a spectacular way to see the whole city and catch some breathtaking views.

- Visit the mummification museum; that's something you won't see anywhere else!

- Visit the tombs of the ancient artists and workers with their colorful walls that depict their daily life.

- Souvenirs: pickup your favorite pharaonic  statues and papyrus drawings from the many souvenir shops in Luxor.

- Get change: If you come across a bank during working hours, seize the opportunity to get change, unless you prefer buying candies over and over again to get the small bills and coins you might need.

- Food: Although people don’t usually come to Luxor for great food, but to explore an amazing cultural heritage, some good dining options are available, especially at the town’s main hotels, or tucked in an old renovated house somewhere off a city’s main street.

- Internet: Luxor is completely covered with wireless Internet. Stay connected to family and friends, check your email or share your trip photos at the comfort of your hotel or even at the columns hall of the Karnak temple!

- Sightseeing tips: To avoid the tourist crowds, try visiting the temples in the early morning, unless you’re planning to watch the sound and light shows which take place in the late evenings during summer. Remember to dress comfortably when visiting the ancient Egypt sites: sneakers, sun glasses and caps are highly recommended.

- Events: Luxor hosts many international events such as the rowing competition and the running marathon that happen on a yearly basis in february.

Facts About: Luxor
Town Area : 416 sq km Population : 488000 Area Code : 95 Distance to Aswan : 230 km

Getting There

  • Air

    Located a mere 6 km from the city of Luxor, this airport is the best way to reach Luxor apart from the Nile Cruise. It is Egypt’s fourth largest airport and is clean and efficient; with a food court and baggage assistance services every step of the way. It is easy to find transportation by bus or taxi into Luxor.
  • By Train

    Travelling to Luxor by train although very long can be very exciting. Egypt’s railway authority offers a number of railway travel options including the sleeper train.
  • By Bus

    Buses carry passengers from Cairo to Luxor via two different stations:
    Aboud: +20 2 2431 9447
    El Torgoman: +20 2 276 1333

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