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Kharga Oasis

Kharga Oasis

Kharga or Khariga Oasis means the Outer Oasis in Arabic; it is the capital of the New Valley Governorate and is the largest and most modern of the Oases of the Western Desert.
Here are some tips you can make use of while in Kharga:

- Food: Make sure your hopes aren't too high when it comes to eating in Kharga. There are a number of good establishments, but they are usually quite basic and traditional, mostly serving roasted chicken, ful, taameya and kebabs. Hotels have more diversified options, with menus including some continental dishes.

- Day Trip to Qasr ad-Dush: 90 km south of Kharga is Baris, which boasts an interesting Roman temple-fortress, Qasr ad-Dush. You can usually take a bus from Kharga (they leave twice daily), and then a covered pick-up truck to the site.

- Bulaq Springs: If you suffer from rheumatism, take a dip in the Bulaq wells where the water temperature reaches 28 C. The area is located about 28 km south of Kharga on the Kharga City-Baris Road. The sand dunes found in the area are used for sand-burying therapy sessions. For more info, call +20 92 966 177.

- Nasser Wells: Located 18 km south of Kharga, Nasser Wells refer to three wells which waters are collected in a swimming pool maintained naturally at an average temperature of 28 C. The water is known for its curing properties in the treatment of rheumatism, joint pains, kidney stones, and digestive disorders. The pool is surrounded by beautiful gardens where a huge tent and a restaurant have been built to host the tourists.
Facts About: Kharga Oasis
Population : >100000 Area Code : 92 Distance to Luxor : 175 km Distance to Cairo : 550 km

Getting There

  • By Bus

    Bus trips from El Torgoman station to Kharga oasis are organized by West Delta Bus Company
    For more information contact:
    West Delta: +20 2 5582 2576 or +20 2 1318 2414
    El Torgoman station: +20 2 2576 558

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