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Gilf El-Kebir

Gilf El-Kebir

A journey through the breathtaking landscape of Gilf El-Kebir is a great finale for any Western Desert exploration safari. Discovering this remote area of untouched nature is awe-inspiring and surely one of the most exciting off-the-beaten-path touristic experiences in Egypt.


The best time of the year to visit the Western Desert and take in the amazing prehistoric rock art in Gilf El-Kebir is in late autumn and early spring. Beware of the scorching hot summer months and the month of April, when hot and dry winds (Khamseen) hit the region. Winter is also unadvised – although the climate is pleasant during daytime – because, at night, temperatures can drop to as low as 0 C.

Where to Stay

Camping is the only accommodation option available in Gilf El-Kebir. Guides and accompanying staff from your travel agency or safari operating company will set the group camp in the middle of the dunes, light a fire, and ensure your security during your sleep.

What to Eat

There are no restaurants in the barren region of Gilf El-Kebir. Basically, there’s one rule, what you bring is what you eat! But rest assured: all safari companies organizing trips to Gilf El-Kebir are well prepared from that perspective: usually food and beverage are included in the safari package you’ll book.

Getting There:

  • By 4X4

    The only way to get to Gilf El-Kebir is by booking a 4X4 trip, with a guide. You don't want to get lost or stuck in the barren landscapes of the Western Desert. Additionally, the guide or tour operator will help you get the needed permits from the official authorities to explore this remote area.
    A safari to Gilf El-Kebir can be booked from Dakhla oasis (the closest oasis to this part of Egypt), or from Cairo.

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