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Farafra Oasis

Farafra Oasis

Located 320 km northwest of Dakhla and 200 km south of Bahariya, the smallest and most remote of Egypt's Western Desert oases, Farafra, relies mainly on agriculture: dates, palms, sunflowers, and guava making up the majority of the produce. Female visitors to Farafra's hot springs should respect the local tradition and restrict their bathing to the afternoon.

Here are some tips and hints you may make use of while in Farafra:

- Watch the White Desert change colour: At sunrise and sunset you can see the formations of the White Desert take on the colours of the sky, no one going into the White Desert should miss this breathtaking vision of purples, oranges, and pinks. Day trips can be organized from Farafra to the white desert.

- Food: As in most Western Desert oases, eating options are limited in Farafra, but available! The town's main restaurants and cafes are located on Al-Qasr's main street. They serve traditional local dishes and snacks, including kebabs, roasted chicken, ful, and Falafel (taameya). Farafra's hotels offer their guests a wider and more diversified menu.

- Qasr Al-Farafra: or simply Al-Qasr, Farafra's only "town" is home to the ruins of an old Roman fortress which was built to protect this part of the desert caravan route.

- Wadi Hanas: Heading 55 km northeast from Farafra, you'll reach the "Hanas Valley", a fabulous natural spot dotted with Roman springs surrounded by the lush greenery of palm groves.

- Crystal Mountain: At a certain point in the desert the floor begins to change and you can see quartz crystals scattered like stars. The rock formations in this part of the desert are actually crystal formations, the largest of which is the crystal mountain, with its large hole in the middle.

- Tourist Information: There is no tourist office in Farafra, if you're looking for information it's better to contact the one in Mut (Dakhla Oasis).

- You can book a safari to Farafra from Cairo: a typical one-week journey includes Fayoum, the White Desert, Farafra and Bahariya.

- While exploring the Western Desert, stay within reach by activating the roaming service on your mobile phone. Alternatively, you can purchase an Egyptian phone line from any of the local telecom operating companies (Mobinil-Vodafone-Etisalat).

- Banks and ATM machines are available.
Facts About: Farafra Oasis
Population : 5000 Area Code : 92 Distance to Cairo : 450 km Nearest Town : 200 km

Getting There :

  • By Bus

    Bus trips from El Torgoman station in Cairo to Farafra oasis are organized by West Delta Bus Company
    For more information, contact:
    West delta: +20 2 5582 2576, +20 2 1318 2414
    El Torgoman station: +20 2 2576 558

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