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With its lovely Mediterranean climate it’s a wonder that the WW II troops didn’t put their rifles aside, and lay on the beach to share a cold beer. El Alamein is one of those places that have a prominent history and really beautiful beaches.

Here are some tips you can make use of while in El-Alamein:

Don't miss

- The Battlefield: But watch out! Some live mines and ammunition still litter El-Alamein's battlefield sites and surrounding desert. That is why, when visiting these sites, you'll be asked to stick to tracks that are visible.

- The Opportunity: If you’re not intending to stay in El-Alamein, a day trip from Alexandria is the most convenient way to visit the town. Your hotel or Alexandria's tourism office can help you organize your excursion.


- Food: Except for a small cafeteria close to the war museum, there are barely any restaurants in El-Alamein. Usually, when visiting the WWII sites in El-Alamein on a day tour, lunch will be organized at one of the resorts in nearby Sidi Abdul-Rahman or Marina. If you’re more of a solo traveller, a good idea would be to bring your own snacks for the trip.

- Explore the North Coast: From El-Alamein, you can head to the nearby pristine beaches of Sidi Abdel-Rahman, to King Mariout - a renowned therapeutic destination for rheumatism patients -, to Abu Mena for a visit to St Mena Monastery, and to Borg El-Arab for the upscale touristic resorts' entertainment.
Facts About: El-Alamein
Population : 7400 Area Code : 46 2nd Battle of Alamein : 1942 Total Casualties : 43000

Getting There :

  • By Car and Bus

    To get to El-Alamein you can rent a car from Alexandria or Marsa Matrouh, the closest two big cities or you can board one of the West Delta buses that stop at El-Alamein, heading from Alexandria to Marsa Matrouh.

    In order to rent a vehicle and drive in any of the cities in Egypt, you’ll be asked to provide an International Driving License. Egyptians drive on the right-hand side of the road, and the official out-of-town speed limit is 90 km/h.
  • By Air

    Egyptair, the Egyptian flag carrier airline, operates regular domestic flights to El-Alamein Airport from Cairo.
    Frequent charter flights are carried out from main European cities to the fairly newly built El-Alamein International Airport.
    One more convenient air hub in the North Coast is the Borg el-Arab Airport in Alexandria, that receives direct flights from London, Athens, Frankfurt, and all the main Middle-Eastern capitals.

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