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El Gouna

El Gouna

El- Gouna in Arabic means The Lagoon, a fitting name for the calm and relaxing sea in this part of the Red Sea coast.  Easily reachable from Hurghada International Airport (30 km, about 30 minutes driving time), the town specializes in Red Sea luxury vacationing.

The El-Gouna resort town is divided into areas or compounds, each having a special feel. The Downtown with its Nubian inspired architecture is considered as the heart of the resort, while the residential areas consist of:
- Nubia, a cluster of Nubian villas with 3,5 km of beach.
- The Italian Compound situated in the heart of Downtown offers private apartments with access to the beach.
- The Marina Town, designed in a Yemeni style, is the most upscale residential area of the resort, perfect for yacht and sailboat owners.
- The Golf, with its spacious apartments and villas overlooking the green.
- The West Golf, opposite side of the Golf area, shares its luxury and serenity.
- The Hill Villas, an area of uttering comfort and luxury with Tuscan-style villas nestled on 14 different elevation levels, overlooking the whole of El-Gouna Resort.

Here are some tips you can make use of while in El-Gouna:

Don't Miss

- The "Dine-Around" Program: El-Gouna offers its visitors a gastronomic experience they're unlikely to forget. In fact, many restaurants in El-Gouna take part in the "Dine-Around Program" that allows you to try out different restaurants in the beautiful Red Sea resort. Ask your hotel for a list of the participating restaurants, read the terms and conditions, and don't forget to book in advance.

- Khan el Khalili El Gouna Bazar where you can buy "pharaonic" souvenirs.

- Nightlife: You can enjoy partying in El Gouna at Abu Tig Marina on Mondays nights and on Marina Street on Fridays. Also, don’t miss the oriental dancing show offered at Tamr Henna every Thursday.

- Ultra-light aircraft tour: capture the most breath-taking spectacular views of El Gouna aboard an ultra-light aircraft.

- Folkloric shows: watch the twirling colours of Tanoura dancers, belly dancing and Nubian folk shows at Tamr Henna every Sunday and Thursday, these shows can be booked through your hotel or prior to your travel through your tour operator.

- Horseback Riding: A newly built horse stable in El-Gouna offers tourists and permanent residents of the amazing sea town the unparalleled excitement of horseback riding. The stable provided 8 Arabian crossed horses, as well as two ponies for the younger riders. “Yalla” horse stable also provides equipment and professional tutoring. For more information, contact +20 0122286248 or send an e-mail to


- Special needs Diving: Guests with reduced mobility can also enjoy the underwater amazing scenery in El-Gouna. Many persons with special needs are able to complete a standard scuba diver course, with minor adjustments, depending on their specific needs. It is therefore advisable that you get in touch with the diving centre and discuss your individual needs in advance.

- Family Fun Filled Location: Since it has become the permanent residence of a great number of foreign families over the past few years, El- Gouna has grown to offer countless fun activities the whole family can enjoy on a day-to-day basis. A children favourite is the visit to the town's "aquarium"; for non divers, it comes as a chance to experience the beautiful Red Sea Marine life.
An international nursery "Les Petites", a go-kart ring, mini-golf, and paintball arena are also available in town to entertain your children.

- Friday Nights at the Marina: in addition to the beautiful yachts and amazing sea trips on offer at the marina in El Gouna, every Friday a festival is held at the seafront. The program usually includes live concerts, dance performances, food and drinks. Children also have their festival, at the resort’s numerous kids’ playgrounds.

- Dive Responsibly: When diving, do not touch the corals to preserve them from damage and avoid getting in contact with the pretty looking sea creatures as they may be dangerous.

-Internet is available in many hotels. Wireless hotspots are also available in cafés and restaurants around the city.

- Mobile phones: you can either keep your mobile phone number by activating the roaming service or buy a new number that you can use during your stay.
Facts About: El Gouna
Distance to Luxor : 300 km Resort Area : 36.8 sq km Area Code : 65 Resort Inauguration : 1990
Distance to Suez : 370 km Distance to Safaga : 84 km    

Getting There :

  • By Bus

    3 trips are offered daily between Cairo, El-Gouna and Hurghada.
    Trips from El-Gouna to Cairo take about 5 hours.
    Booking in advance is recommended.

    For more information, contact El-Gouna Bus company on +20-65-3556198 or +20-65-3541561
  • By Air

    Hurghada International Airport is located a mere 22 km away from Hurghada’s city center. This airport is currently undergoing a number of improvements, which include a big new runway, a modern terminal which includes a number of restaurants, and a duty free shopping area. For more information call: +20 65 344 2592.

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