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Dakhla Oasis

Dakhla Oasis

Dakhla Oasis in Arabic means the Inner Oasis; it is situated between the Oases Farafra and Kharga, and is in the New Valley Governorate. Dakhla’s capital is Mut.  When visiting Dakhla you will see different communities and interesting ways they have adapted to living in the desert.

- Food: As in most Western Desert oases, eating options in Dakhla are far from being gourmet-friendly. Budget restaurants and cafes dot the town’s main street and serve quite decent traditional local specialties, ranging from roasted chicken, kebabs and stuffed pigeons, to ful,  Falafel (taameya), vegetables and salads.

- Hot springs: When bathing in hot springs, women are particularly advised to take into account the Bedouin culture and customs.

- Sunburns: While walking, cycling, or riding a camel around town, or in the desert, it's best to apply a good sunscreen, especially if you have fair skin. The desert sun is very strong. Also make sure to stay hydrated.

- Visit Bashendi: To the north of the main road leading to Kharga, lie the pharaonic ruins of Bashendi, a small village believed to have been built in the 19th Dynasty. The village also houses the 1st century tomb of the region’s governor. The beautifully carved tombstone explains the mummification process  and depicts the final trial of the dead at Osiris’ Tribunal.

- Rock Art: 45 km towards Al-Kharga, the oasis’ cultivated land ends at the feet of strange rock formations, the former location of a caravan routes crossroad. You’ll find different prehistoric carvings on these rocks depicting camels, giraffes and tribal symbols.

- Museum: Dakhla is home to an amazing ethnographic museum. The locale is organized as a traditional house, and includes exhibits taken from the everyday life in the oases, such as: traditional clothing, baskets, domestic tools and jewellery.

- Roman Necropolis: 37 km from Mut lies the Roman Necropolis of Muzawaka, a sight to behold for the beautiful paintings decorating the tombs.

- Dakhla Oasis can be reached from Luxor.

- Banks and ATM machines are available in Dakhla.
Facts About: Dakhla Oasis
Total Area : 2000 sq km Population : 70000 Area Code : 92 Natural Springs : >700
Distance to Kharga : 190 km      

Getting There:

  • By Bus

    Bus trips from El Torgoman station in Cairo to Dakhla oasis are organized by West Delta Bus Company
    For more information contact:
    West Delta: +20 2 5582 2576 and +20 2 1318 2414
    El Torgoman station: +20 2 257 6558

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