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Dahab is more of a backpacking location than a luxury resort town, although the new Dahab City area offers tempting upscale resort hotels.
If you’re looking for a more rugged stay and budget accommodation options, you'll find what you need in Assalah, the laid-back area of the town housing camps, hotels, cool restaurants, a bazaar, in an island-like atmosphere nestled among the palm trees.

Here are some tips you can make use of while in Dahab:

- Diving Tips: Prior to registering in a diving course or class, ask how big the group is and bear in mind that more than 4 people is too much. Also remember that it is strictly prohibited to fish any of the rare fishes or to tamper with the coral reefs.

- Food: For a nice dining experience in Dahab, head down to Assalah where the seafront is lined with laid-back Bedouin-style restaurants. Comfortably seated on traditional embroidered cushions, you’ll enjoy a feast of freshly caught seafood and fish, , and spend  the remainder of the evening  listening to some local music or watching an improvised belly-dancing show.

- What to buy: When shopping in Dahab, look out for Bedouin handicrafts: you can find some really beautiful hand embroidered clothes made by Bedouin women.

- Dahab is perfect for yoga lovers and meditation seekers.

- Take a daytrip to St. Catherine, visit the famous monastery and climb up Mount Moses for amazing views of the Sinai Peninsula.
Facts About: Dahab
Population : 15000 Area Code : 69 Distance to Taba : 140 km Distance to Sharm : 80 km

Getting There :

  • By Bus

    East Delta transportation offers a regular bus service between Cairo and South Sinai cities to Dahab and back.
    They can be reached at +20 2 2259 9813 and +20 2 2259 9814

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