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The serene Aswan lies on the East bank of the Nile, and is busy with tourists all year long. In ancient times, this trade hub was the source of stone for most of the empire.

Here are some tips you can make use of while in Aswan:

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- Trip to Abu-Simbel: A nice extension to your visit in Aswan would be a small excursion to Abu Simbel where you can enjoy the sound and light show at this UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is reachable by plane, train, or cruise from Aswan.

- Nile Cruise: Remember that the best time of the year to go on a Nile cruise is during fall. The weather gets colder during fall in Aswan so its advisable to be prepared with some warmer clothing.

- Aswan Museum: Pay a visit to the Aswan Museum on Elephantine’s Island; it’s a serene small museum housing an interesting collection of Greco-Roman artefacts that were found in Aswan and Nubia, such as the mummy of the sacred calf which symbolized Khnum. The museum is open from 8 am till 5 pm in summer, and from 8:30 am till 6 pm in winter.

- Folk Dances: Aswan is the hub of traditional Nubian folk dances: these are performed on special occasions as well as everyday for the sake of entertainment. Every night Nubian dancers and musicians perform in the Cultural Center, just off the Corniche.


- Felluca Cruise Tips: If you decide to go on a felucca cruise, agree on the price and the itinerary before sailing off from Aswan.

- Food: The fact that most of Aswan’s visitors arrive on cruise ships where they can enjoy all their meals, may be the explanation for the lack of diverse dining options in town. Nevertheless, there are a few floating restaurants down by the Cornice that are worth a visit; there you can enjoy your meal while listening to traditional Nubian music, or watching a Nubian dance show. You’ll also find a few interesting cafes on the Souk street. Those are perfect for quenching your thirst, or having a quick snack in between your sightseeing tours.

- Remember to dress comfortably when visiting the ancient Egypt sites; sneakers, sun glasses and caps are highly recommended.

- Remember to pick up some of Aswan’s unique and special drinks such as karkadeh. Ask the seller to explain how to prepare it.
Facts About: Aswan
Population : 280000 Area Code : 97 Distance to Luxor : 220 km Distance to Cairo : 925 km
T° in Winter : 10-25 °C T° in Summer : 25-35 °C    

Getting There :

  • Air

    Located 25 km from the city, Aswan Airport is an efficient way to reach all the sights in this part of Egypt, and is also a good jumping point to begin a Nile Cruise. The trip into Aswan takes approximately 20 minutes, there are shuttle vans, taxis and car rental services that are easily accessible. The facilities include restaurants and Duty Free shopping venues. Major (charter) airlines that fly to this airport are Egypt Air, Thomson Flights, and Iberworld.
  • By Train

    The regular passenger and sleeper trains operate a number of regular lines from Cairo to Aswan and back. For more information, visit the Egypt railway authority website or the sleeping trains website.
  • By Bus

    Buses carry passengers from Cairo to Aswan and back from two different stations.
    Aboud: +20 2 2431 9447
    El Torgoman: +20 2 2761 1333

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