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Being one of the southernmost touristic destinations in Egypt, located in the heart of Nubia, a few kilometres away from the Sudanese border, Abu-Simbel has a unique atmosphere that most tourists have no time to sample when hanging around for a day or less only to see the world-famous amazing temples of Ramses II and Nefertari. Try to extend your stay at Abu-Simbel to immerse yourself in the Nubian culture of Upper Egypt.

- Weather: Abu-Simbel is located 280 km south from Aswan; it enjoys a mild weather from November to February (10-25 C) and hot and dry weather during the months of June, July and August, when the temperature can go as high as 35 C. In the remaining months of the year, the weather is hot but pleasant, with temperatures rising to a maximum of 30 C.

- Tickets and Fees: Whether you’re thinking of travelling to Abu-Simbel by boat, road or plane, you can book your trip as a whole package, including the sites visits, the entrance fees, the assistance of a guide and the accommodation. As in most of Egypt’s amazing touristic sites, professional multilingual guides are available. Inform your agency about your language preferences prior to booking the trip.                   

- Food: Budget travellers will find many cheap cafes lined up on both sides of the Abu-Simbel main road, they serve local snacks, coffee, and cold drinks. Hotel restaurants offer more consistent dining options, often mixing between traditional Nubian cuisine and international dishes.

Getting There:

  • By Bus

    From Aswan, you can catch a bus to Abu-Simbel two times a day  at 4am and 11am . The trip duration is about 3 hours. The easiest way to travel by bus to Abu-Simbel is by opting for the assistance of a travel agency which will organize a private tour, in an air-conditioned bus or minivan, and provide you with a guide.
  • By Air

    Egyptair, the national Egyptian airline company operates  daily flights from Aswan to Abu-Simbel and from Abu-Simbel to Aswan. It also has 8 regular Cairo-Aswan flights daily. Travelling by plane is by far the most convenient option to get to Abu-Simbel, especially if you want to take advantage of every minute of your trip. The Cairo-Aswan flight duration is 1h20, whereas the Aswan-Abu Simbel one is 45 minutes.
  • By River

    Arriving to Abu-Simbel by cruise and seeing the temples appear in the distance as you sail Lake Nasser is a truly romantic and priceless experience. You can book your Lake Nasser cruise from Aswan to Abu-Simbel in Aswan or through any travel operator prior to travelling to Egypt. You’ll visit amazing temples and tombs on the way.
    Lake Nasser cruises are Nile cruises taken to the highest level of comfort and luxury; expect a totally different ambiance than the one you might sample on regular Nile cruises. Only six cruisers are allowed to sail on the lake, the boats are stunningly designed with touches of modern or Art Deco elegance. They usually include a swimming pool, a gym, a hammam or Jacuzzi, a bar, a gourmet restaurant, and guests are pampered with treats such as classical music in front of the temples of Abu-Simbel.

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