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Buddha Bar

This venue has all the right components to be called a “destination must-go”! Incomparable atmosphere, sinfully delicious dishes and, literally, supreme décor


Buddha Bar
Formal Dress Private Parking OutDoor Area Wireless Internet Nile/Sea View Reservation Required
Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah, 3 El Thawra Council St.
Down Town
phone 2737 37 37
Highlights: Sushi
Category: Far Eastern & Asian
Cuisine: Thai, Japanese
Opening hours: 8PM - 3AM
Price range: Moderate (LE75 to LE150)
Payment method: Cash, VI, MA, DI, AMEX

Not expecting anything particularly exciting from the warm evening that Cairo has blessed us with, we entered Buddha Bar in Sofitel El Gezirah anticipating seeing a typical restaurant in a typical setting. Little did we know at that time that the venue is an experience incomparable to others.

From the very entrance, we were overwhelmed by the ambience of the place and could not but appreciate every detail of the magnificent Japanese décor, boasting combinations of red and yellow and striking with its shimmering lights of the numerous candles and the proud, golden statue of the venue's patron, Buddha. The friendly hostess dressed up in traditional garments helped us choose a table away from the big area of the bar, in the venue's cozy veranda, offering some of Cairo's best views and skillfully combining luxury with simplicity, elegance with style. Dragons on the walls, red flowers and the profusion of capital's bright lights in the distance made the transition from reality into the realms of fantasy even easier; whereas carefully selected Buddha Bar music filled the evening with romance, as if asking to freeze each and every moment of the experience. At that moment, when we were more than assured that the evening could not possibly get any better, we were introduced to Michael Belissa, Buddha Bar Manager, who warmly greeted the team and took us on a journey of lasting taste, irreproachable service and unforgettable memories.

Coming from France, where hospitality runs in the blood of its residents, Belissa has added spice to the venue, intelligently combining his passion for food with excellent management skills and years of experience. The result: a restaurant that stands out from a long row of Cairo's offerings, surprising with its amazing atmosphere, some of the best sounds in town (the range is diverse: from the latest Buddha Bar collection to Latin beats and house music) and, of course, sinfully delicious Pacific Rim dishes. "Food for me is more than a job; it is a lifestyle, it is a religion," said the man who definitely knows all the ins and outs of his clients' satisfaction, - "Here at Buddha Bar, we provide our guests with the best and freshest products possible, turning them into a fiesta of color and rich taste." He told

Indeed, boasting a talented chef who has traveled through the Pacific and learnt the secrets of the region's different cuisines, it is no wonder why the food at Buddha Bar is so desirable. The selection of dishes is huge (the menu consists of four pages and counting); whereas the taste leaves you craving for more. Start your dinner with the mouthwatering Buddha Bar Chicken Salad consisting of chicken thighs marinated in Soya sauce and spices, Chinese cabbage and crackers; or the tender Beef Samoussa Rolls with Garlic Chili Sauce featuring minced angus meat brought directly from Australia and Philadelphia cheese.

For the main course, pamper yourself with the melting-in-the-mouth Little Shrimp Tempura with Spicy Mayonnaise and Filet Mignon Cooked "Teppanyaki" Style that's so tender you can eat it with a spoon. Health conscious will be pleased to know that the restaurant offers a broad array of vegetarian and steamed dishes (check out the tender dumplings light on the stomach); Sushi and Sashimi fans will be grateful to the venue's diverse selection; whereas novices to this classical Japanese dish can start their acquaintance with the mouthwatering Hot Rolls or the Spicy Tuna Tartar with Avocado and Grapefruit that make the process of bringing the different worlds less traumatic, thus educating people in the most enjoyable way possible.

All those with a sweet tooth should leave room for the tempting desserts. The Trio Crème Brulee, Hot Chocolate Fondant with Vanilla Ice Cream or the Chocolate Sesame Bars will amaze you with their perfect taste; whereas a long list of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages - with their originality: "Our non-alcoholic beverages use the same ingredients as alcoholic cocktails, with only one difference - they do not contain alcohol. Grab and Grapes, the recent addition to Buddha Bar, is one of them. It mixes the freshest grapes, vanilla, apple juice, mint and crushed ice. Definitely recommended." Belissa summed up our conversation.

And so, the evening came to its end, but the memories will remain forever. If you are one of those who want to make your nights in Cairo memorable, pay a visit to Buddha Bar, and you will not leave disappointed.

P.S. Apart from the famous Buddha Bar terrace, serving as a fabulous restaurant, the venue also boasts a great bar section, consisting of two floors. Though most visitors to this legendary place are opting for the first floor, where they can gather together round huge tables and enjoy both: a great dinner and wonderful drinks from the well-stocked bar (on offer everything from alcohol to juices and non-alcoholic cocktails); the second floor seems to be a much more appealing option. Firstly, it is secluded, away from the ever-busy party zone with its huge bar and a crowd of visitors; secondly, the music here is not that loud, enabling you to talk and enjoy a superb romantic atmosphere; and, thirdly, it boasts an amazing view over the Nile that will remain in your memory...



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Booking is recommended.Suitable for celebrations and couples

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