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La Maison Blanche

No wonder that the whole city is talking about this restaurant, it is truly an experience not to be forgotten.

Formal Dress Private Parking Nile/Sea View Dancing
The First Mall, 35 El Giza St., 2nd Floor
phone 3570 02 10 / 05
Category: International, Ethnic
Cuisine: French
Opening hours: 1PM - 2AM
Price range: Expensive (LE150 to LE250)
Payment method: Cash

Having heard so much about the famous La Maison Blanche located in The First Mall at the First Residence, we were intrigued with the place’s offerings and were determined to find out what the secret behind their tremendous success was.

Thrilled and excited, we entered this grand venue, promising an unforgettable evening. Designed by the celebrity architect Didier Gomez, the place literally radiated with French elegance, depicted in each and every detail: white carpets were gracefully decorating the floors, candles were spread with such generosity that the whole place was shining; whereas venue’s comfy armchairs made our imagination go wild, inviting us to try them out and get lost in their softness.

The authentic French spirit was intensified, when we were greeted by Restaurant Manager, Jérémy Clavel, who introduced us to the passionate world of amazing French cuisine and long tradition of hospitality.

"Determined to give our diners an idea of what French fine-dining is about, we were eager to create something different in both: interior design and food." Said Clavel, who managed to impress us with his extensive knowledge and vast experience on the subject. Indeed, the décor overwhelmed with originality: dim lights were replaced with huge chandeliers and ambient lighting; wall and ceiling mirrors expanded the space, creating the feeling of freedom; while the predominant white color (hence the name of the restaurant – "the white house") contributed to the atmosphere of neatness, cleanliness and chic. "What we created here is a smart combination of art Deco, France in the 1930’s, and style modern (1970’s), peppered with some ultra-modern tendencies,î commented the manager, when he noticed our astonished expressions. "Our tinted windows, for example, are designed in such a way that guests get to see the Nile in the day hours; whereas at night what’s highlighted is the interior of the venue." added Clavel.

Just as its décor, so is the food absorbed with the French spirit, featuring long and yummy titles in French with juicy explanations in English. Masterfully prepared by two talented chefs brought directly from France, the dishes at La Maison Blanche are a culinary extravaganza. Boasting a truly artistic presentation and bravely experimenting with colors and tastes, the restaurant shows off items taken from France’s various regions: "Our menu lists dishes coming from South France, using salty butter as one of the main ingredients, along with items from the province, profoundly infusing olive oil, garlic, thyme and rosemary," – explained the manager for whom restaurant business is more of a passion rather than profession. "And though we present authentic French cuisine, we do take into consideration the preferences of the Egyptian clientele, avoiding the use of alcohol in food preparation." – He noted.

The range of dishes is definitely exclusive. Kick off with their incomparably crispy French bread served with butter, but don’t get carried away, as the starters are not to be missed. Try out Salade La Maison Blanche consisting of green asparagus, zucchini, endive, watercress, leek, carrots and beetroot-balsamic dressing or their notoriously delicious Green Bean Salad served with duck liver lace and black truffle dressing. Continue the palatable journey by opting for the multiple-flavor Smoked Salmon Soup served with scallops and asparagus or the lip-smacking Cep and Duck Liver Raviolis. The main dishes are yet another asset, especially the tantalizing Filet de Saint-Pierre (by the way, all fish is imported from France) or the venue’s Roasted US Beef Fillet, served with spring onions, Bock-Choy and confit potatoes. Make sure you leave room for the finger-licking desserts, as the sinfully delicious Fresh Strawberry and Rhubarb Marmalade, served with mascarpone ice cream and strawberry juice or the sweet and sour Lemon Tart brought to you with yoghurt sherbet and caramelized dentelle.

The portions are not big, but the nutritious ingredients used manage to satisfy your cravings, leaving you filled for hours.

The place’s advantages do not stop here, and if you still have room, you can indulge yourself in the venue’s selection of teas (Tea Mariage frères brought directly from Paris, exclusively for Cairo), ranging from the-all-guests’-favorite Casablanca – a fine fusion of green tea with Moroccan mint and bergamot, to the zero-caffeine Bourbon, blending vanilla with red tea.
To complete your experience, head straight to La Maison Blanche lounge, displaying cigars of the leading brands: Cohiba Maduro, Montecristo, Punch Churchill and Davidoff Short Perfecto are just a few of the names found here.

As far as the service is concerned, it is definitely high par. The attentive and highly motivated staff is trained by Jérémy Clavel himself and will guide you through the menu, helping you make the right choices.

No wonder that the whole city is talking about this restaurant, it is truly an experience not to be forgotten.

Additional Information:
The restaurant provides party catering to up to 100 people; whereas cocktails can be catered to up to 170 persons.

Open: Weekdays: 11:30am – 4:30pm and 7:30pm – 12:30am. Fridays: 1pm – 12:30am. Closed on Sundays.

It is recommended to book the table several days in advance.

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