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Aswan Dam

Khazan Aswan In the 11th century Ibn Al-Haytham (Al-Hazem) was called from Iraq to Egypt by the Caliph to engineer the first Aswan Damn. Ibn Al-Hay ... Read More »

Aswan souk

Sharia as-Souk Aswan Souk is a colorful bazaar that offers Egyptian and African goods. Locally known as Sharia as-Souq, it is the cheapest place to ... Read More »

Church of St. George in Asyut

In the compound of the Burnt Monastery (Deir Al Muharraq) is the Church of St. George, in Arabic Mar Gerges. This beautiful church was added to the De ... Read More »

Church of the Virgin

The world’s first Christian church built on the cave in which the Holy Family spent six months and ten days is definitely a place you must visit ... Read More »

Climatotherapy at the Pyramisa Isis Island Aswan

Sand Burying and Mud Baths in Egypt The Pyramisa Isis Island Aswan Hotel is not only a 5 star accommodation in a paradisiacal location on one of As ... Read More »

Elephantine Island

Probably the most beautiful place to visit in Aswan! The Elephantine island is a truly paradisiacal spot with wonderful gardens and some truly signifi ... Read More »

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