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Abu Al-Abbas Al-Mursi Mosque

Abu Al-Abbas Al-Mursi is Alexandria’s largest mosque; with a cream coloured façade, four great domes, arabesque designs and a high minare ... Read More »

Alexandria National Museum

A History of the Great Coast City Home/White Med/Alexandria/Alexandria National Museum Located close to the center of the city, the Alexandria Nat ... Read More »

Alexandria Opera House

Also known as the Sayed Darwish Theatre, since it has been named after the famed Egyptian singer and composer who put music to the Egyptian anthem & ... Read More »

Alexandria Sporting Club

Dedicated to Golf, Since 1898 Built in 1898, the Alexandria Sporting Club is one of the oldest golf courses in Egypt. The colonial architecture of ... Read More »

Anfushi Fish Market

Get Your Seafood Fix In a coastal city like Alexandria, serving as the largest seaport in Egypt, it is only normal to expect to find a bustling fis ... Read More »

Anfushi Tombs

These tombs were part of Pharos island. They date back to late Ptolemaic and early Roman periods. You will watch how Ptolemaic tombs were used in Rom ... Read More »

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